How to Endure Acute Withdrawal from Opiates (Narcotics)

I (19 M) am having extreme difficulty coping with the lack of intimacy/sex with my gf (18)

Hello secondary_survivors! This is my first post so please bare with me.
Where the fuck do I even start? I suppose at the beginning. I, at the time was 18 years old in my Freshman year of college. I just turned 18, and I decided to download Tinder and give it a shot. For personal reasons I don't really wanna go to much into at the time, I felt so immeasurably depressed during this period of time to the point where I didn't even have the energy to kill myself. Anyways, so I get on Tinder, and within a few days I meet this super cute and attractive woman, who in this story we shall refer to her as Grace. Grace and I instantly matched, and we hit it off almost immediately. (Side note: this is the first relationship/date I have ever had in my entire life, ever.) The first date went over splendidly, and so did the next couple. By the third date we had done the deed, and solidified our relationship. Immediately after our third date her mom takes away cell phone because she found out that Grace was using Tinder to talk to me. So I go about a week or so with little to no contact from her, before I get an email from her which states that her mom is a super controlling narcissist that denies her rights and feelings on the daily. Also I found out in this email that she lied about her age, and that she was actually 17. Her mom being a control freak resonated with me, as my own mom helicopter parented me and tried similar actions towards me. Also her being 17 didn't phase me too much as I actually graduated high school early and had just turned 18 myself, so the age dynamic didn't really factor into the equation. After her mom saw that she was continuing to talk to me even after she was ungrounded, she talked letting me come over to her apartment and visit her. Grace's mom was both simultaneously neglectful and controlling. Within my first visit to the house, her mom let me spend the night with Grace, and even insisted on it. So, naturally, we started having sex in her room, until, surprise surprise, her Mom caught us having sex. After this, her mom proceeded to demand for me to do all of the chores of their apartment, and if I didn't I was bitched at by her. So gradually, Grace and I start spending more and more time at my freshman apartment. It's around the third month of our relationship that I started to notice a significant change in her behavior towards our relationship. Due to my, erm, 'lack-of-experience' I was unable to always provide adequate sex to her. She started feeling more and more dissatisfied with the sex that she has been receiving, and chalked it up to the situation with her Mom. Me, not really knowing any better and just being glad that I had finally had a single person in my life, accepted her explanation for this. It was around this time that she started to ask for help with her school work. Due to the inadequacy of her school system, a lot of credits from her previous three years at an art school didn't transfer over, and as a result in order for her to graduate she needed to re-take some classes, which were only available to her online for whatever reason. So, Grace asks me to help with the classes, and, like a good and determined boyfriend I offer to help her with these classes. Low and behold did I have my work cut out for me with these classes. I initially offered to help her with her history classes, as I am a history major, and Algebra II, as a had a pretty solid grasp of the subjects. So I start helping her with this right, and now my time is really limited and I feel more stressed out due to work/school and her stuff. Time passes, and I continue to help her, along with working and trying to pass my own classes, but my free time has significantly waned during this period, but I didn't mind at the time because I truly loved everything about this woman. Meanwhile, in Grace's life, her home situation was very quickly deteriorating, with her Mom threatening to kick her out at the age of 18. To give you an example of how truly dreadful this woman was, she didn't have enough money to pay for her daughter's SAT and ACT fee, which was $55, but she had enough money to buy a limited edition signed Van Halen guitar which she never used. I couldn't just watch my girlfriend not take the SAT/ACT in good conscious, so I put the $55 on my credit card. Her mom saw that I was willing to pay for that, so due to her actions I essentially was forced to pay for things that I couldn't afford for her, like paying for groceries, paying for period supplies, paying for shampoo, paying for fucking toilet paper for gods sakes, and it all added up to the point where I maxed out my credit card. During this time Grace had just gotten a job at Waffle House, and was saving up all of her money so that she could afford transportation/in the event her mom kicked her out. Within the next few days, we were back in my apartment for whatever reason, and, seeing as I hadn't seen her for a few days, decided to try the ole poke-butt. She didn't take kindly to this at all, and asked me to start asking whenever I touch her ever. She explained that this was because of rape-trauma from her ex-boyfriend. This is the same ex that she would talk about at least 30% of the time. I didn't really mind her talking about her ex for the initial part of the relationship, but it became something that bothered me, especially when it would be things like, "James always liked that color," or "James used to think this." Anyways, the next week rolls around and Grace states that she wants to cut her hair like Ruby Rose. I support her, as I think short hair on women can look super attractive. Grace makes the appointment, and whenever her hair was done, it actually looked pretty decent. The problem was, however, when the hair gel came out. When there wasn't hair gel in her hair, it looked pretty bad. Grace was feeling pretty insecure about this, and I tried to assure her that I still found her attractive and pretty and that I loved her. She goes into work that day and gets absolutely crushed by her co-workers, and they make her feel horrible. She comes home to me, upset, and says that I lied to her about her hair being attractive and now she feels super ugly and hates herself. I try to reassure her that she still looks good if she maintains her hair, and that next time we'll use a different barber. At this point, she looks absolutely disgusted by me. So we try to move past this, but something feels different. She's suddenly wayyyyyyyyy more irritable and cranky than usual, and feels distant. She actively would brush my hand away, and didn't want to touch me. Also she expected me to complete all of her online classes for her now. I am trying to win back favor with her, and so I comply with her demands. Around this time, she starts mentioning a new friend, Parker. Parker is a person that is non-binary but biologically female, and is queer. Grace is also a queer person. So, I support their new friendship with open arms. Later that week, Grace gets all nice and dressed up, like really dressed up, and tells me that she is going to this really really nice restaurant with Parker. She leaves without saying goodbye. I continue to work on some of her homework, and when she comes back home she is crying really really hard, but won't tell me why. I listened, and to me it sounded like trauma related to her ex that raped her. So I support her and hug her while she gives me all of these "I love yous" and we go about our lives. I'm still actively enrolled in school, but around this time is where the emergencies start happening. Grace would start having extreme panic attacks, or her mom would get up to bullshit and she needed to leave the house/general vicinity ASAP. My attendance at class starts to suffer, as I start ditching class to support my crying and upset girlfriend, and to pick her up and get food somewhere. Eventually, the end of the semester rolls around and I am failing my classes and I have barely scrapped enough points in her online Family Life and Statistics classes for her to pass high-school. Our sex-life was becoming almost non-existent, and I couldn't even touch my girlfriend for fucks sake. So, naturally, I get some jealously. I, for the first time ever, am beginning suspect something is up. Literally right as I do, I receive a text from her saying that her Mom has given her 72 hours to pack her stuff and leave. So, me, Grace, and some of her friends help move her out of her moms place, and it's a disaster. Her mom is threatening to call the police while me and some of her guy friends help with packing everything up and taking it to the cars. We yeet out of there without any problems, but Grace is devastated, and there is nothing I can actively cheer her up, as she doesn't have insurance, isn't enrolled in therapy, and doesn't have the proper medication she needs. Also I had to call out of work from a very nice, very respectable job and I got fired because of it. Parker starts becoming a closer and closer friend to her, but every time I ask to meet them or maybe hangout as a couple with her, an excuse comes up as to why I am unable to do. Parker and her started hanging out more and more, and always during times that I have class. So one day I decided to skip class and come home early, and I over-hear how friendly they are too each other. I walk into the apartment, and immediately Parker's face becomes sullen and Grace's anxious. I hang out, and I am friendly to Parker as I am with everybody, but something feels off. Parker is being really touchy-feeling with her. To the point where they are holding hands. I try to hold Grace's hand, but she shoos mine away. I have a conversation with her about this the next free opportunity I have with her, and she said that she understood how I felt and that she wouldn't do it again. Grace starts being more and more distant, and actively hiding her phone from me, and even starts having secret conversations in the bathroom/outside the house, hanging up if I got to close. We move, and settle in to our new house, and Grace is sooooooooooooooo depressed. She sleeps till 3pm, does nothing around the house, actively eats like absolute shit, and doesn't take care of herself. So we exist like this for a while, until my sister reads our horoscopes. That horoscope perfectly described us. It said that she was frustrated with our relationship and that she was "keeping her options open." After this, we went to our room, and I felt pretty hurt. Say what you will about horoscopes, I'm not an astrologist but that shit called us out. We go into the room, and Grace tells me that she's not sexually attracted to me anymore. I'm crushed. I feel defeated. I feel I can''t do anything right. She felt bad, and then immediately offered to take us out to a water park, as like a way to "restart the romance." We go to the water park, and I have an okay time with her. It feels like she's trying again. Then we get back home and do not have sex. At this point we are approaching a month and a half without sex. The following week, she goes to this hippy store, buys this really revealing top, and saves that she is saving it for date night. A few days later, she decides to visit Parker, as Parker is leaving town to go to university, and she wears that busty top, gets all nice and decorated, and then makes me drive her to Parker's house. During this ride, I ask her "Are you cheating on me with Parker?" She immediately denies it, and states that Parker looks like a fat, gay, George Lopez. I end up taking longer than usual to get to Parker's, due to not having my head clear, and she gets increasing frustrated until she asks, all super serious and everything, "Do you not want me to go to Parker's?" I say that it is okay for her to go, and that I will pick her up later that afternoon. Later that afternoon comes and goes, I text her. No reply. I ask should I pick you up. No reply. At this point I just know. I have a gut feeling. So she ends up spending the night at Parker's, and I drive out to Parker's house to pick her up in the morning, but she isn't there. I call her four times, no answer. I get a call thirty minutes later saying that she was out getting waffle house with her friends and that she was sorry she spent the night without telling me and that she is ready to be picked up. I pick her up. She says nothing to me, but is constantly texting her phone. I go to bed later, and that night I ask her again if she is cheating on me, and she looks me dead in the eyes and says that she isn't and that she loves me. That night I cry myself to sleep. Tomorrow morning, when she was sound asleep, I went through her phone. I saw EVERYTHING. Her calling Parker babe. Heart emojis. Saying that last night was really fun and that she will miss her when she's gone. I. AM. LIVID. I instantly wake her up and confront her about it. I am screaming, "WHY??" to her, calling her a whore, the works. I worked out enough composure to calm myself, and I listened. She told me that she thought she was gay and that she felt trapped. I was so pissed I was having none of that. I threw all of her shit in the yard, and screamed at her to leave and never ever ever come back into my life again. Then I punched a wall and broke my hand :( . I've essentially became enraged. I felt used. I felt cheated. I felt like this was all a big fucking lie. So I message like all of her friends about this to try and understand what the fuck just happened, along with spamming her shit. Dumb? Yes. Immature? Yes. Eventually I get a call from this Psychologist, stating that she is taking in Grace, and to stop contacting her. Oh, and she also tells me my parents are narcissists. So, at this point, I'm like, "fuck that bitch." And I wait. A few days later I get a text from her new phone number, stating that she never wanted to hurt me and that she always cared for me. I ask if I can call and talk to her, and she accepts my call. She tells me that she thought that she was gay, and that she felt trapped and insecure in our relationship and that if she felt like she could have ended it and she would have been safe she would have. And then she went on to tell me about how she just felt different around me, and that whenever she was with Parker it was entirely new and different. I understand, and I am just really hurt because like, damn man, that shit hurty. I told her how I felt used, and exploited, and that it wasn't fair to me that she thought it was okay to do that. And how I also felt hurt that she was going to break up with me as soon as she moved to college. She felt horrible, and realized what she did wrong, then told me that she wasn't going to date for a very, very long time. I decided that we should remain friends, because we had a very special emotional connection that would lead to us being really good friends. We start being friends, and I start feeling better. I got back on Tinder, hit the gym, spent more time with friends, etc. Then, on the fourth of July, I get a call from her saying that we can hang out at her guy friend's house if I bring some devil's lechuga. I bring the weed, and we watch the new season of Stranger Things together. During this whole time I am trying not to cry, and she is physically poking me and doing all of the cute crap we did before. One thing leads to another, and we're back at my place, where I agree to have sex with her to test if she's gay or not. I rocked that fucking bed for HOURS. Literally fucked the absolute shit out of her. When we were done, she says "Wow, that did not turn out how I thought it would." She then tells me that she needs time to think on this, and that are relationship is "open" in the meantime. Two weeks later and we are back together. I am the MAN. Literally I could not be a more perfect boyfriend. I am cleaning up the whole house, making dinner, rubbing her feet, the works. The perfect boyfriend. And during this time the sex improved, both in her enjoyment and the frequency of the sex. I started losing weight and becoming physically fit, and I get another job delivering pizza. There's still a lack of trust, and we started working on that. Not long after this, Grace moved to college. I had anxiety about her moving out on her own, mostly pertaining to her saying that she was going to break-up with me. She moves to college, and starts hating it instantly. Grace is middle-eastern with short hair, and her college is a christian university in the south, so she felt extremely ostracized and didn't fit in well. This is where she starts having "episodes" as she calls them, where she starts to heavily dissociate and hyper-ventilate. Within two weeks of class starting she has already missed most of her classes due to these panic attacks, and I missed so much of my class that I had to withdrawal entirely from the semester. Grace quickly withdrew as well. So now, we are both out of school, chilling around the house. I take this time as a much-needed mental health break. I start working to save up money for the bills I got pay-off, and I get Grace a job at my work so she can at least make enough money to pay for somethings. We start working, and communicating more, along with taking designated days for us to go out and do more. Bills get paid off, therapy appointments made, etc etc. However, the sex slowly started to decline again, Grace started sleeping in more, doing less around the house, overall falling back into the depression cycle. I have had a talk with her about chores several times, and she has slowly started doing more. I later had a talk with her making her therapy appointments a top priority, and she agreed. I also started to put the idea in her head that I need more sex/intimacy in general. This is where I find out what has been further killing her sex drive. Flashback to whenever Grace was living with the Psychologist. Turns out that lady is a monster. She has a super messy house, is addicted to prescription pain-killers and Xanax, and as a result of that commonly has "code-reds" where she would black out and then her husband would beat her. Oh, and then she forced Grace to give her lower back massages, inner thigh massages, butt massages, and even vaginal massages. That's fucked up on so many levels. So after learning this, I have more empathy for her and the situation, and I don't press the issue of no-sex. We continue to improve ourselves, our room, and improve. The new semester starts, and, having lived as a mini-adult for the past half a year I feel newly reinvigorated to finish school and get my degree. I also get my job back that I was fired from, and even got Grace a job working there. However, two days in Grace commits a no call/no show, making me look like a complete ass, citing that she has panic attacks working there. I, and my roommates, who also work at that job, are disappointed. Allllllllll of this, brings us to last night. Last night, I had an honest, talk-to-talk with Grace about how I am not getting enough sex or intimacy, and I feel like our relationship is crumbling because of it. I told her that I while I may not entirely understand what she went through trauma-wise, I understand that it affects your sex drive. However, I am a person too that deserves love. I have to ask for any affection that I give or receive. I haven't made out with my girlfriend in 7 months, haven't gotten a blowjob in 5 months, haven't had sex in 4. I told her that I want to fix us, and I want our relationship to last, because as much as I love her, I can't resign myself to this little of intimacy. She got really, really, hurt, and first accused me of cheating. I have not cheated. I'll admit, after everything happened with Parker, and the lack of sex I have been receiving, I started to fantasize about other women. I haven't ever acted on these ideas, but hot damn was it soooo tempting. I told her I haven't been cheating, and that I am just, simply put, not sexually satisfied at all. The lack of sex has gotten to the point where I find it hard to even get aroused by her, because at least 60% she does even initiate sex, she will purposefully blue-ball me so I can't even cum. I told her all of this, and that something has to change or we aren't going to work out. She told me that she is trying, that she finds me super attractive and that there is nothing more I can do on my end to change her, and that the fate of our relationship depends on my choice. I told her I'm willing to give her a shot, but that if we wind up having this conversation again next year we are officially done. This morning, after having that conversation last night, the subject of work came up, and I offered some career advice, which she rudely said was not necessary, and that I was acting like a dick. This hit the mute switch for me. I didn't say anything for the entire car ride home, and when we got home she asked if I was mad at her or hated her. And I just broke down and started crying and saying that our romance is dead, we end up in arguments all time over stupid crap and that I need a break. She currently ordered an uber and went somewhere else. I told her that if she doesn't come home tonight we are done, but if she comes home I will try to work on our relationship more. She is currently still out. So this is where I turn to you, Reddit. Any and all advice appreciated.
tldr: Me and Grace met on Tinder, fell in love, she got kicked out of her mom's, starting having less sex with me and being less in intimate in general because she was cheating on me, I took her back and we've progressed past it. I love Grace with all my heart, but I don't feel like I am 'in-love' with her anymore and I don't know what to do. Help plz
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